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Section A | Teaching English to Children

Important Information

Welcome to ‘Teach International’s Teaching English to Children’ Online Elective! Please read this information carefully, as it will help you navigate the course smoothly and successfully.

If you have not taken an online TESOL course yet, and have no English teaching experience, you may still start this course; however, we recommend you re-read this material after you finish your online TESOL training: there, you will gain the basic and general methodologies, and this online course is a little more in depth.

Course Structure

The Teaching English to Children Online Elective is divided into 12 Units and one exam. Each unit contains some pre-reading questions with discussion forums designed to stimulate your thinking, information to read and activities at the end for you to complete. Once you complete ALL 12 units, including the activities, you will be able to sit the exam.

Please take the time to read the material thoroughly and to complete the activities carefully. Both are an important part of your training and they will only make you a better teacher.