Module 6: Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Countable nouns are things we can count. 
For example:

  • pens (Can we count pens? Sure! “One pen… two pens… three pens…”)
  • apples
  • fingers
  • cups
  • chairs
  • computers

What about these nouns. Do you think these are countable? 

  • houses (Can we count houses? Again, yes! “One house… two houses… three houses…”)
  • feet – This one’s a bit tricky because the plural form is not regular like the others. It doesn’t just have an “s” added to “foot”. But still, you can count feet. “One foot, two feet, three feet, etc.” So it’s countable.
  • people – Tricky, again. But definitely countable.