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Module 2.0: Introduction

Pre-Chapter Questions

These questions are designed to stimulate your thinking and introduce you to the Unit material. Do not submit answers as they are not part of your assessment.  The thinking process will get you ready for the following:

1. Think about learning in general. Is learning a process that people do best by themselves? To what extent do people need other people and/or books or media to help them learn?

2. Do you think learning a language is different from learning other things? In what ways might it be different? In what ways might it be the same?

3. How do you think errors should be treated during the language learning process? Do you remember any of your own experiences with receiving error correction? Do you think the treatment of errors should be different for first and second language learners? If so, in what ways?

4. What about formal instruction in grammar? How important do you think rule learning is to becoming fluent in a second language?

TEYL | Unit 2 | Learner’s Guide | Print Version | PDF File
(This is a useful learning resource that covers the content needed for this unit. Please feel free to download it for personal use to study offline. This course must be completed online).