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Pre-Chapter Questions

These questions are designed to stimulate your thinking and introduce you to the Unit material. Do not submit answers as they are not part of your assessment.  The thinking process will get you ready for the following:

1. How do you think children learn language? Do you think we are born with something that helps us learn language?

2. With what grammar-based approaches to second or foreign language teaching are you already familiar?

3. What do you think an effective communicative approach might be? How might it be different from the other approaches with which you are familiar?

4. Grammar has traditionally been the focus of second and foreign language teaching for hundreds of years, so it is no surprise that today many language teachers still believe that grammar should take centre stage in language programs. What do you think?

TEYL | Unit 1 | Learner’s Guide | Print Version | PDF File
(This is a useful learning resource that covers the content needed for this unit. Please feel free to download it for personal use to study offline. This course must be completed online).