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What does ‘Accreditation’ actually mean?

Accreditation is basically a system that checks that a course meets a set of standardized (by the Industry) criteria. With an accredited course you know that there is a system of checks being made by the moderators on the course provider to ensure that standards, procedures and materials are appropriate, fit for their purpose, up to date and regularly updated, and that there are systems in place to monitor and give feedback on student progress.

OTTSA – Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency

Teach International Academy and OTTSA 

Teach International Academy online courses in TESOL are accredited by the Online TESOL & TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA). OTTSA is an Internationally recognised awarding body that specializes in raising standards for teacher training within the TESOL and Teaching English as a Second Language sectors.

Our ‘Trainer supported’ TESOL programs are externally validated by the OTTSA team and consistently moderated on a monthly basis, evaluating student performance and course content to ensure the implementation of a ‘continual improvement process.’

The combined strength of both internal and external evaluation and moderation conducted by International experts in the area of TESOL training provides a world class learning platform leading to graduate employment opportunities around the world. The ‘Teach’ International education team meets regularly with the trainers to review candidates work, ensure that industry standards are being met and develop our TESOL programs accordingly.