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Teach International Academy – Lifetime Membership Program

Completion and passing of their chosen TESOL training program with ‘Teach’ often signifies the start of a candidate’s journey into employment in the ESL (English as a Second Language) world.

Once certified ‘Teach’ graduates are automatically enrolled into our ‘Lifetime Membership Program’ and are able to access multiple employment opportunities through the network of professional contacts that have been established over the past two decades.

Over the course of their career ‘Teach’ is able to introduce its successful candidates to various job opportunities around the world, either teaching abroad or online as an employee or independent educator. Often students are either placed in work as a part of their training or are able to secure work before they actually finish the course.

Whatever their particular objective ‘Teach’ TESOL students are always encouraged to remain a ‘Lifelong’ member of the school, seeking assistance wherever and whenever they wish in terms of their ‘job seeking’ aspirations.

Where Our Graduates Are Teaching!

TESOL Employment Opportunities

‘Teach’ graduates enjoy the International currency of their TESOL training are usually able to secure the work of their choice. Both ESL and online teaching are significantly increasing year on year and are becoming widely accepted as standard practice in terms of progressive learning methodologies. With English fast becoming ‘the’ world language for business, governance and social interaction there’s an ever-increasing sphere of opportunity for those wanting to engage in teaching ESL. 

Please remember that any information posted here are for illustrative purposes and only represent a small percentage of the opportunities available once candidates are enrolled on our courses.

Onwards and Upwards

Our experience shows that most ‘Teach’ graduates tend to deliver ESL to third parties for up to three years before deciding to reevaluate their career opportunities and expand their horizons. Using their TESOL training as a foundation in teaching and armed with extensive experience ‘Teach’ grads are able to explore multiple levels of new personal and professional development often deciding to pursue higher levels of TESOL training even entering specific diploma, undergraduate and post graduate courses offered around the world.

 Typically, theses courses (program dependent) can take anything from 3 months to four years to complete and open up a wide variety of employment opportunities in the education sector from ‘Curriculum Director’, to ‘School manager’ and many other specialist positions.