Globally Empowering TESOL Education

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Study your TESOL certification (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and teach english around the world.

 The certification of TESOL will take you beyond the fundamental elements of language teaching and give you advanced knowledge in skills areas such as Syllabus Design and Delivering Specialist English classes.

TESOL 120 Hour Certification

Our 120-hour TESOL course will kick-start your teaching career. Travel & Teach internationally.


TESOL 170 Hour Certification

Combine our 120-hour TESOL program with our 50-hour ‘Teaching English to Young Learners’ (TEYL) course.


Professional Development (CPD)

Study our portfolio of professional development courses. Online learning for practical application


Learn, Teach & Earn!

Study Teach International TESOL and TEYL and empower students to increase their knowledge whilst creating your own career opportunities. Start your education journey by enrolling with us today.

Your TESOL certification is your passport to educate others whilst working to achieve your personal goals. Build your skillset in the delivery of English to Speakers of Other languages by building a portfolio of professional TESOL qualifications.


Education Adventure

Create an Education Adventure with Online Advantages

Earn Money from Anywhere

Select your hourly rate, who you work with (children or adults) and how often you work.


Imagine, no rush hour traffic, parking fees or overpriced coffees.


Home Comfort Teaching

Work within different worldwide time zones to engage with your students whilst creating your day to complement your lifestyle. Anything’s possible with Online learning!


Choose the hours you work each week or better yet, what location you work from.


Globally Empowering TESOL Education


With over 25 years education experience Teach Oceania provide the opportunity for people to teach English online and develop their TESOL education qualification portfolio. We do this by providing our students with the exciting TESOL courses at affordable prices.

What is TESOL?

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages! Our courses will equip people for teaching English as a second language (ESL) or foreign language (EFL) in a variety of settings. These can range from situations in which there is a high degree of support (e.g., prescribed syllabus or course materials) to the opposite whereby students are encouraged to self-learn.

Our Students will Develop Skills in

Teaching Duties

Teaching duties including lesson planning, delivery, and assessment

Learner’s Needs

Identifying student needs and formulating them into learning goals

Developing Syllabus

Developing syllabus and training programs

Analyzing Tasks

Analyzing tasks and texts to identify the kind of language used to achieve specific purposes

Linguistics Features

Common structural and linguistic features associated with a variety of text types

Communication Skills

A variety of communicative transactions


My certificates of TESOL and my diploma helped me get job, my visa and travel opportunity!

Get out there and do it. The benefits are enormous and living in another country is very different to travelling through it. I’ve now made life long friends both with Koreans and other foreigners. Previous to this job I had been focussing on my ‘career’, but dreaming of when I would travel again. Now I don’t really feel like I am going to work at all and life changes every day.

Emily Hardwick, Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask our team anything!

What is the recognised international standard for TESOL training?

The industry standard is 120 hours, so we don’t recommend taking a course with fewer hours. Based current professional expectations for English as a Second Language (ESL) training the majority of employers require teachers to have an entry point of the 120 hour TESOL Certificate qualification.

How many hours is a TESOL certificate?

The TESOL Certificate course has been designed to take approximately 120 hours to complete. Students will be given 6 months to complete the course, although most students complete it within 2-4 weeks.

Can I teach with a TESOL certificate?

There is absolutely no limit to what teachers can do as a TESOL certified educator! Once graduates have decided on the type of students they want to teach, the work environment they prefer, and their teaching career goals, they can actively pursue the employment opportunities to suit their lifestyle choices.

Where can TESOL take me?

With a TESOL or TEYL from TEACH International, you are qualified to teach online or teach abroad. TEACH International works with partners in China, Japan, Germany and others to offer exciting teaching and tutoring programs for suitably qualified TESOL Teachers.


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